Decorative Grilles


Tableaux® Decorative Grilles are a unique expression of an openwork architectural art form that goes back at least 4000 years.

Tableaux brings this art form to modern-day decorators, designers, architects, and developers who are searching for ways to realize their creative vision. We custom design and manufacture Decorative Grilles to your commercial project specifications.

Our decorative grille products include Faux Iron, Veneer, Elements and Metal.

Tableaux® Faux Iron Decorative Grilles were created to replicate classic and traditional wrought iron design patterns and old world styles.

Manufactured from environmentally friendly materials using substrates made from recycled wood fiber and formaldehyde‐free adhesive, Tableaux Faux Iron decorative grilles provide the look of wrought iron without the weight, cost or installation complexities. Our Faux Iron grilles are crafted using lightweight, moisture resistant, rot resistant, termite resistant and fire retardant substrates that can be used safely indoors or out without minimizing their beauty.

Tableaux developed and perfected a finish process for our organic finishes “Iron Light Rust” and “Iron Full Rust” which uses a reactive solution that produces real rust when mixed with iron particles in the paint. Stock Faux Iron colors also include finishes that are hand painted to achieve a realistic aged iron appearance. 

Tableaux® Veneer Decorative Grilles exude a sense of warmth that can only come from natural wood grain textures combined with visually stimulating designs with soft organic shapes.  

Manufactured from sustainable straight-grained walnut hardwood veneer substrates, Tableaux Veneer provides a way to complement your project with the perfect synergy of nature, design, and organic beauty.

Our paint process utilizes soothing color palettes that bring out the natural beauty of the core materials. We then hand finish the veneer surface to achieve a one-of-a-kind restored wood look designed to bring harmony between human habitation and nature.

The versatility of Tableaux® Elements Decorative Grilles make them the perfect option when working with constantly evolving contemporary interior designs, or fashioning the style and mood of a timeless mid 20th-century modern era.

Whether specified with simple, sleek design patterns and clean lines found in contemporary forms, or designs with the strong angles and lines seen in that mid-century modern era, Tableaux Elements grilles are sure to stimulate visual experiences and enhance one's experience within any commercial space.

Tableaux Elements are made using sustainable industrial-grade substrates manufactured from pre-consumer recycled wood combined with synthetic resin and certified as Class 1 Flame Retardant. Finishes include stock metallic paint selections or custom colors of your choosing.

Tableaux® Metal Decorative Grilles may get their design inspiration from old factories and urban industrial spaces, but they can be made to order using an infinite amount of geometric patterns and colors of your choosing.

Machined from steel, aluminum, or other metals you specify, Tableaux Metal grilles can provide your commercial design project with one-of-a-kind, custom made decorative features as well as provide structural integrity where needed.

With thousands of powder coating colors to choose from, Tableaux Metal will elevate the look and feel of your project with virtually unlimited designs and colors that merge your creativity into mesmerizing reality.